Operational excellence white papers by Kepner-Tregoe explore opportunities to improve business performance, describe the challenges to achieving operational excellence, as well as consider the value delivered by business process improvement initiatives. Kepner-Tregoe operational excellence white papers draw on our hands-on experience improving operations in client organizations. Kepner-Tregoe, at any point on the path to operational excellence, provides structured approaches that streamline processes, accelerate troubleshooting, and optimize production of goods and services.

Drawing on manufacturing and service industry client experiences, these whitepapers offer best practices for improving operations to pursue operational excellence. Kepner-Tregoe structured processes for troubleshooting, root cause analysis, as well as project management are used globally to improve operations.  Our step-change improvement programs target specific operational improvements for dramatic changes in operational efficiency. Shut downs, turn-arounds and outages are optimized with target KT programs. KT structured processes complement Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen and other initiatives that focus on reducing waste, improving efficiency and other operational excellence initiatives.

Operational excellence is the key to staying competitive in today’s global economy. With over 50 years of operational improvement experience, Kepner-Tregoe offers proven solutions to dramatically improving performance and establishing best practices for operational excellence.

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How Front Line Employees Can Take On A Leadership Role In Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is everyone’s responsibility. For years, shop floor teams have been involved in Kaizen events run by CI departments. They are now part of a logical transition that sees them in a leading role in this highly valued activity. 

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Nuclear power plant reliability depends on a culture of problem solving

At many nuclear plants, lead engineers spend two-thirds of their time in service to their corrective action programs. Top managers also spend significant hours in the same domain. The high costs of so much time spent on issue resolution is compounded by the opportunity cost of diverting highly skilled engineering resources away from valuable work such as creating process improvements or other value-added tasks. 

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Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs) Are Evolving: CAPAs for Continuous Improvement

It is no longer acceptable to respond to audits and product recalls with CAPAs that only address short term concerns. It’s now all about aligning CAPAs and Continuous Improvement processes. 

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Oil Refinery Avoids Shut Down Through Structured Root Cause Analysis

Lonnie Wilson, the author of the Lean classic, How to Implement Lean Manufacturing, describes a real-life example of how in record time, refinery engineers avoided a major shutdown by using a structured problem-solving process. 

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Operational Excellence Crossroads: Humans and Machines

The digital disruption in manufacturing creates a dynamic landscape where Operational Excellence (OE) strives for stability, quality, and efficiency while continuing to service an increasingly demanding customer. With a unique, cross-industry perspective, Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training is at home in factories, shipyards, mines and also within global IT, media, and telecommunications support operations. Some OE foundations for an increasingly digital operation are outlined below. They draw on our work in diverse, frontline

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NS BlueScope Malaysia Delivers a 16.1% Improvement

NS BlueScope Malaysia Delivers a 16.1% Improvement in Overall Equipment Efficiency Through Enhanced Root Cause Analysis. Companies with the most successful outcomes and the happiest stakeholders invariably have established and trusted relationships with supportive partners. 

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Learning To Improve: An integrated approach to a higher level of quality

Fokker Aerostructures saves millions and streamlines production. A continuous improvement journey that changed the actions people took by adjusting the way they think. The result being sustainable manufacturing processes that give Fokker Aerostructures real competitive advantages. 

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Johnson Controls’ Secret to Continuous Improvement

Development programs that focus on Six Sigma and Lean can achieve record-breaking efficiency by building new synergies. After adding KT to its Lean and Six Sigma programs, Johnson Controls found the perfect Continuous Improvement trilogy.

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Faster, better, cheaper: Finding the fast lane in a data-driven world

To either optimize an existing Continuous Improvement program or begin the journey, get your bearings and navigate the safest route by asking these questions.

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The Five Catalysts of Implementation Success

Project success is driven not only by philosophy and specific tools, but also by the method of implementation. Here are five rules to guide this success: set targets, prioritize needs, integrate solutions, lead by example, and never rest.

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