Business strategy whitepapers explore the strategic issues facing executive leadership.  A  comprehensive business strategy provides executive leadership with a strategic framework for overcoming challenges and making operational decisions. The white papers offer insights on issues related to strategic thinking that is grounded in the strategic vision of the organization.

Kepner-Tregoe business strategy white papers consider the value of strategic thinking in leadership development, the challenges to strategy implementation, as well as best practices for strategic alignment.  Kepner-Tregoe business strategy whitepapers draw on decades of strategy consulting experience. Guiding organizations through their most critical issues, complex decisions as well as formidable risks in pursuit of business goals, Kepner-Tregoe uses a strategic framework that is reflected in these articles. Our strategic approach is structured and analytical.  Organizations use the Kepner-Tregoe strategic framework to apply their best thinking to strategic decision making or operational challenges. In these strategy articles, the authors use their strategy consulting and training expertise to provide best practice thinking on strategies, strategic alignment, executive leadership, and other strategic issues.

Kepner-Tregoe business strategy whitepapers discuss strategies, strategic decision making, the role of executive leadership, and the challenges of strategy implementation. They explore the effects of strategic decision making on operational issues and organizational structures.

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Surviving Caesar, Strategic Clarity When the CEO Departs

CEO lifespans are decreasing. The author explores the important role the board plays as strategic custodians during CEO transitions. The board must be prepared and understand what aspects of the existing strategy they need to support going forward.

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Optimal Organizational Structure

Rethinking restructuring - what every leader should know. Kepner-Tregoe helps top managers determine if they should reassess organizational structure and how to design an optimal organizational structure that is grounded by the strategic and operational objectives of the organization.

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So You Want to Implement Your Business Strategy

Implementation can derail the best strategy. Based on years of experience, the author describes the potential killers of strategy implementation—and the antidotes that will work against them.

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The Four Primary Acquisition Challenges

Research has shown that over 65% of acquisitions fail to add shareholder value and nearly a third actually destroy it during the first year. This article outlines the causes of failure and actions to avoid them.

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Rethinking Your Business Strategy

Results of a recent KT survey of European business leaders reveal how organizations are responding strategically to the economic slow-down and to paving the way for recovery.

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Cutting Public Expenditure

Cutting public expenditures is inevitable in today’s tough economic climate. The author reviewing an organization’s strategy if the best way to focus on how scant resources can best achieve its goals.   

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