Business strategy whitepapers explore the strategic issues facing executive leadership.  A  comprehensive business strategy provides executive leadership with a strategic framework for overcoming challenges and making operational decisions. The white papers offer insights on issues related to strategic thinking that is grounded in the strategic vision of the organization.

Kepner-Tregoe business strategy white papers consider the value of strategic thinking in leadership development, the challenges to strategy implementation, as well as best practices for strategic alignment.  Kepner-Tregoe business strategy whitepapers draw on decades of strategy consulting experience. Guiding organizations through their most critical issues, complex decisions as well as formidable risks in pursuit of business goals, Kepner-Tregoe uses a strategic framework that is reflected in these articles. Our strategic approach is structured and analytical.  Organizations use the Kepner-Tregoe strategic framework to apply their best thinking to strategic decision making or operational challenges. In these strategy articles, the authors use their strategy consulting and training expertise to provide best practice thinking on strategies, strategic alignment, executive leadership, and other strategic issues.

Kepner-Tregoe business strategy whitepapers discuss strategies, strategic decision making, the role of executive leadership, and the challenges of strategy implementation. They explore the effects of strategic decision making on operational issues and organizational structures.

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Staying Relevant in the Age of Disruption:

In times of unprecedented change and disruption, the only permanent currency is fundamental thinking skills—critical thinking, design thinking and systems thinking. Investments in developing and supporting the application of these thinking skills help both employees and businesses remain relevant, control the future of work and thrive in a changing and uncertain future.

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How Leaders Use Balanced Decision-Making Skills to Move Organizations Forward

In every organization, decisions must be made and actions taken. Usually, the realm of decision making is the responsibility of company leaders. They must select the actions, determine how they will be carried out, and be accountable for the implementation of the decision and for the subsequent results.

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Filling the Baby Boomer Vacuum

A new generation of employees soon will replace the retiring baby-boomers. In some industries, this changing of the guard could unleash unexpected innovation or a knowledge vacuum. Successful transition requires systematic and visible approaches for exchanging ideas and addressing business issues.

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Creating New Leaders: Moving from Fire-Fighter to Strategic Visionary

What makes a good leader? Organizations need to develop leaders who embrace vision over motion, change management over meaningless action, and issue resolution over fire-fighting. Leaders must evolve from operational problem solvers into mentors and strategic visionaries.

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Strategic Response - High Quality Strategic Decision Making

This edition of Strategic Response explores how leaders can ensure they make high quality strategic choices by adopting an approach to decision making that is well structured, robust and inclusive.

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The Strategic Role of Customer Support in Maximizing Shareholder Value

The authors explore the concept of long-term customer value and delivering exceptional, anticipatory service to create loyal customers to deliver organizational value.

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Strategic Response - The Impact of Culture on Mergers and Acquisitions

Paying careful attention to the cultural aspects of a merger or acquisition can make the difference between success and failure. Consider culture, or the urge to merge may prove to be a costly impulse.

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Strategic Response - Navigating Your Organization Through Stormy Seas

Public spending cuts, Euro zone instability, and the impact on global supply chains of the terrible events in Japan are the cause of uncertainty for many leaders. In this edition of Strategic Response, we consider whether having a clear, deliberate and embedded strategy helps or hinders your ability to navigate such troubled waters?

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Strategic Response - Linking Innovation to Strategy

"Differentiate or die!" Is a mantra heard in many rooms today and as we in advanced economies have ceded the battle for cost differentiation to competitors in developing countries, differentiation through product and service innovation is how we will survive and thrive. But in these challenging times, we cannot afford to squander scarce resources on poor ideas so in this edition of "Strategic Response", we look at how to ensure innovation is effective.  

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Strategic Response - Creating a Strategic Culture

Strategy implementation unfolds within a “strategic culture.” This article describes the key drivers of a strategic culture and how they ensure success.

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