What versions of Project Logic are available?

Project Logic versions are available for Microsoft Project 2007 and, Microsoft Project 2003. Versions for previous editions of Microsoft Project are available on a special order basis.


Is Project Logic difficult to install?

On the contrary – Project Logic is a breeze! A simple 5-step process ensures that Project Logic is installed and that you have access to all the tools and templates that come with it. A convenient desktop icon allows you to launch with a single click. Help features promote best-practice use. Technical help is an e-mail or phone call away. How much more simple could it be?


What Operating System(s) will Project Logic work with?

Project Logic will run on any OS that supports the version of Microsoft Project that you are using. For example, Project Logic 2007 runs on Windows XP or later with Microsoft Project 2007 installed.


Does Project Logic work with Project Server?

Yes. Project Logic is automatically cached with the Enterprise Global when connecting to Project Server. Conflicts could occur if the naming conventions used for any enterprise elements such as views, tables, custom fields, and filters are the same ones used by the Enterprise Global. See your Project Server administrator regarding possible conflicts.


Can Kepner-Tregoe help us configure and implement a Microsoft Project Server or Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution?

Kepner-Tregoe works with our technical partner, Project Server Support, Inc. (PSSI), to meet our clients’ Microsoft Server and Enterprise Project Management (EPM) needs. Project Server Support, Inc. has extensive experience with configuration and implementation issues and provides a wide array of services. For more information, please contact your account representative or Kepner-Tregoe at 609-921-2806, or visit our Web site at http://www.kepner-tregoe.com


Can Project Logic be used with Microsoft Project that is on a network or server?

Yes. You must license each individual user (multiple-user licensing options are available). Once you have licenses for all users, Project Logic can be used with Microsoft Project located on a network or terminal server.


Is it possible to have Project Logic demonstrated for our organization on-site?

Absolutely! A Kepner-Tregoe representative can do a live web demonstration for one or more individuals.


Who is Project Logic designed for?

Project Logic is designed to be used by anyone using Microsoft Project, from inexperienced users - who will find the “right place at the right time” design makes using Microsoft Project logical and simple - to experienced users - who will find that the advanced features for estimating, tracking and reporting help them focus on managing the project and not the software.


Can I share project files with a non-Project Logic user?

Yes you can. Files created using Project Logic are standard Microsoft Project files. Non-Project Logic users will not have access to the custom views and reports in Project Logic unless they re-create them individually using menu commands and Microsoft Project customization features. Intact project teams and project groups often find it useful for all members to have Project Logic.


Are Project Logic training sessions just presented in a two-day format?

No, we can teach Project Logic in several different formats. For example, we can teach Project Logic at the same time we teach the Project Management workshop.


Is it possible to have Project Logic customized for our organization?

Yes, we do a lot of customization for companies.


Is it possible to purchase Project Logic Software for people who have not taken the workshop?

Yes, we sell individual copies and site licenses.


How many computers can I install Project Logic on?

You may install and use Project Logic on a single computer. You make one copy of Project Logic in machine-readable form for backup purposes only. For example, if you occasionally do work at home and have Microsoft Project installed on a home computer, you may install the backup copy there. However you cannot install copies on computers other than those (two) you work on, or on other people’s computers.


What multiple-user licensing options are there for Project Logic?

Kepner-Tregoe will be happy to work out the best licensing arrangement for your organization. Individual licenses can be combined in a number of ways for multiple-user environments. For example, you can purchase a bulk license for 20 users, then purchase an additional bulk license to cover future new users.


What Operating System(s) will Project Logic work with?

Project Logic will run on any OS that supports the version of Microsoft Project that you are using. For example, Project Logic 2007 runs Windows XP or later with Microsoft Project 2007 installed.