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1. When titling worksheets in the app - be sure that each worksheet title is unique. Giving two different worksheets the same title - especially in different processes* - will cause one of the worksheets to become corrupt and uneditable.

*For example, creating and SA worksheet titled ‘XYZ issue’ and a PA worksheet titled ‘XYZ issue’ will create this condition.

2.  Under certain circumstances, characters (ex: ‘slash’ /) and umlauts (ex:  ό and ϋ) can cause the app to crash.  We are exploring technical solutions, however we currently recommend that you do not use these symbols, especially in the title of the worksheet.

Is the Kepner-Tregoe Tablet App available for Kindle Fire, Nook, Windows, or Blackberry tablets?

At this time, the Kepner-Tregoe tablet app is only available for Android tablets and iPADs/iPAD minis. 

However, while we did not test on the Nook, a couple of users have reported successfully loading and launching the app on their Nook.  While there has been some success, we are not currently supporting that device and do not guarantee that it will work on all versions of the Nook.

Will the app work on my smart phone?

The app is currently only designed for Android tablets and iPADs/iPAD minis.  Due to the density of information on the screen, the app will not display properly on smart phones. 

How do I access the Process Cards from within the app?

You can access process cards and question sheets by tapping ‘Reference’ from within any process page then selecting the Process that you would like to view. 

From the Process Card screen, scroll down to access the Question Sheets.  Pinch to zoom functionality is a build in feature in this area of the app. 

When I press this icon  - why does my gallery/camera roll appear?

The blue icon allows you to add a photo from your device.  You can also enter text along with the photo by clicking on the ‘Add Entry’ text to the right of the icon. The photo you attach will appear on the last page of your output report.  You can change the picture by clicking the picture thumbnail and selecting ‘Change Photo’.

See a photo attachment video demonstration below:

What is this icon  ?

Clicking on the ‘iNOTE’ icon will expand a text box that contains helpful tips or reminders that are relevant to the page you are on in the app. To close the textbox, click the iNOTE icon again.

How do I email a worksheet?

1.  From the Globe, click on the process that contains the worksheet you want to email

2.  Tap the name of the worksheet you want to email

3.  Tap ‘Email Worksheet’

4.  Tap the format you wish to email: Adobe PDF or Raw Data

5.  Enter the destination email address in the ‘TO’ line of the email

6.  Click ‘Send’

Note: you must have internet access for the email functionality to work

See the renaming/deleting/editing a worksheet video demonstration below:

Can I send a worksheet I created in the app to another person that has the app for them to open and edit on their tablet?

At this time you are not able to send app worksheets to others for them to make changes to. 

Can I project the work on my app?

Yes!  Using the appropriate adapter will allow you to connect your iPad (generation 2 or later) or Android tablet to view the app on the big screen.

Apple Accessories to display app on VGA enabled equipment

For iPad 2 and greater: Click here to shop

Note: Adapters will not work for the iPad 1, as iPad 1s only allow certain apps to be displayed (videos, photos, etc.) 

For iPad mini: Click here to shop

Note:  More and more projectors are using HDMI or other connectors (as opposed to just VGA). Make sure you know what type of adapter cable you will use most frequently before making a purchase Click here to see all Apple connectors!

Android Accessories to display app on VGA enabled equipment

Tablet with mini USB port only - MHL HDTV Adapter: Click here to shop

Tablet with micro HDMI port - Mini HDMI-to-HDMI Adapter: Click here to shop

Tablet with mini HDMI port - Mini HDMI-to-HDMI Cable:  Click here to shop

Note:  Android tablets come with a variety of output ports – be sure to confirm the type of output port your tablet has before purchasing an adapter.