Incident Mapping Solutions

Mitigate, Then Protect

Managing incidents must be done with care, clarity and speed. To understand the chain of causality and the failures that have contributed to an event, multiple systems, people and processes need to be analyzed and interim fixes installed to mitigate losses. The investigation needs to continue until a permanent resolution becomes part of your company’s standard operating procedures. You shouldn't need revisit this issue again...ever!

Facilitation Services

Accelerate resolution of incidents through a session led by an experienced KT Problem Solving professional and your staff-who are the experts on the situation at hand. Using the KT Cause & Effect Charting process, the group will identify contributing causal factors and define effective corrective actions to move the issue to resolution.


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Incident Mapping Workshop

This workshop teaches personnel how to unravel a sticky incident that needs quick and effective action. They will learn to systematically define all causal factors that contributed to the incident along with controls that should have prevented the problem from happening. Through this process a clear and complete incident overview is revealed to determine the best way forward.


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Causelink®-Cause & Effect Charting Software

Causelink® supports Kepner-Tregoe's critical thinking-based problem-solving methodology by providing a visual tool to aid in identifying root cause. Causelink's structured visual mapping approach helps organizations understand and document the complex interactions in major incidents. 


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