How good is your organizational thinking?

You may be concerned about the advantage your competitors get from the terabytes of ‘Big Data’ they have at their disposal, or their army of analysts poised to deliver unique competitor intelligence. But the simple truth is that whatever resources they have at their disposal, the only factor that will allow their deliberations to be more meaningful than yours is the speed and accuracy of their problem solving and decision making - in short, their ability to think.

Is this what you're experiencing?

  • Decisions are pushed up to higher levels or not made at all
  • Problems affecting productivity and quality go unresolved for months or even years
  • Teams work poorly together and create more conflict than resolving issues
  • People and teams are working on too many issues or issues of lower importance while the strategic questions go unresolved
  • A lot of projects are being carried out, but many are over budget, past deadline, or deliver poor results

How are you doing against these best practices?

  • Your organization has a common issue resolution language and approach that it uses across the global organization. It enables managers from different functions and cultures to work together more effectively and efficiently.
  • You are creating intellectual capital by raising the issue resolution thinking capability of the entire organization through systematic problem solving and decision making strategies.
  • You have implemented a common process and tools for gathering, storing and retreiving the information that underpins your decisions and problem solving efforts.

Our Solution

Building the Thinking Organization

No matter how great the challenge, the main factor that will allow your organization to thrive is whether it can think clearly, especially when the pressure is on. Thinking Organizations have teams and leaders that can communicate effectively across silos and time zones. Thinking Organizations can solve critical problems and make crucial decisions with speed and accuracy. Thinking Organizations have people who know how and when to use their analytical minds, when to rely on experience and how to do it as a team.