Hone your strategic leadership skills

Enhance your strategic thinking skills with a systematic framework for evaluating actions against strategic choices and establishing a strategy for your area of responsibility. Use rational decision-making processes to pick your strategic direction through clear objectives and risk assessment.

Value to your organization

  • Increase ability and confidence to make balanced decisions and recommendations to management or board
  • Learn a systematic approach to make strategic decisions on a daily basis
  • Understand the difference between strategic and operational decisions
  • Explore the concepts and tools used for strategic intelligence gathering and analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation planning, strategy implementation and strategy monitoring and updating
  • Practice establishing an organization strategy using a case study
  • Examine the pitfalls in strategic decision making and implementation

Make strategic decisions, align your organization

Strategic Decision Making is designed to help middle managers and above to make those decisions that matter—decisions that may determine the organization's direction for the next few years. It prepares managers to play an active role in building strategic understanding and commitment throughout the organization. As your managers gain strategic experience, your organization benefits from the pooled strength of a cadre of people with strategic decision making skills.

This program is the first step to building these skills for your organization's future leaders. Participants will receive Kepner-Tregoe's book, The Art and Discipline of Strategic Leadership

Offered as a workshop. Go to our workshop section to see scheduled dates and locations.