Are you translating vision into action?

In a Times survey of 200 FTSE 1000 companies, 80% of directors said they had the right strategy, but only 14% thought they were implementing it well.

When an organization’s programs or projects fail to deliver on their promises, usually it is not for a lack of vision or will. In most organizations, failure to translate ideas into action lies squarely in the execution. Effective project organizations know which strategic and operational goals are on the critical path and align projects to support them.

Are you experiencing this?

  • The prescribed strategy is never implemented effectively
  • Too many low priority projects in the pipeline taking up much needed resources
  • Projects are delivered, but business goals are not achieved
  • Each business area does its own thing, with little coordination towards organizational goals
  • Inability to cancel projects of questionable value

How are you doing against these measures?

Efficiency Quality Cost
Stop, start, and re-scope rates Delivery of measurable strategic objectives Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Our Solutions

Project Portfolio Design

Clearly articulate and prioritize your strategic objectives—then develop a portfolio of projects that will deliver the expected results.

Portfolio Management/Project Office Installation

World-class project management is achieved in organizations that are structured to support project work and focus resources on the “right” projects.