Are your people driving project success?

Most project teams work very hard toward a successful project conclusion. Many detailed project plans are often a thing of beauty. However, People are the driving force behind all project work and success.

Are you experiencing this?

  • Project team members are consistently late in delivering project tasks
  • Project tasks not delivered to the expected standard
  • People complaining that they don’t receive feedback on their project work
  • Delivery of project work is not aligned with work functions and career goals of project managers and team members
  • A well defined project management process is in place—still projects are failing to deliver the required project outcomes
  • A long time spent making project decisions due to a lack of involvement and facilitation of the right people


How are you doing against these measures?

Efficiency Quality Cost
Project duration vs. Plan Percent of project objectives completed Project spend vs. Plan

Our Solutions

Managing People in Projects

Projects, more than any other work situation, requires the influence of people to get things done. Identify strategies to avoid people related problems on projects and drive positive team behaviors.