Are your service processes world-class?

If service quality and consistency are key to your business, your business processes need to be top notch. Service processes are “how work gets done” and customer value gets delivered. The quality of your process equals the quality of your service. 

Are you experiencing this?

  • The customer experience is inconsistent or poor in quality
  • Processes break down or become inefficient when cross-functional/cross-region collaboration is required (third party involvement worsens the situation)
  • Handovers are out of control, leading to major collateral damage - including brand reputation
  • Certain process steps add no value
  • Documentation is unfocused or overly bureaucratic
  • Lack of visibility of process performance
  • Ownership of certain tasks is unclear
  • New hire time-to-productivity takes too long

How are you doing against these measures?

Efficiency Quality Cost


Customer satisfaction

Cost of service

Time-to-performance (e.g. new hire productivity)


Process variation

Our Solutions

Service Process Improvement

Process Improvement needs to be driven by both strategic and operational priorities. The Kepner-Tregoe Service Process Improvement solution aims at maximizing both the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes.