Kepner-Tregoe Process facilitation services provide leadership for the troubleshooting process that focuses on finding the root cause of problems quickly and efficiently in order to provide effective issue resolution.  Process facilitators improve troubleshooting by helping technical, subject matter experts improve service, reducing time-to-close as well as preventing recurrent problems.  Working with businesses across every industry, Kepner-Tregoe (KT) has often found that the lack of a structured troubleshooting process with strong leadership is a major factor contributing to the lengthy amount of time for which some problems stay open. 

Kepner-Tregoe has discovered that a strong, well-trained process facilitator helps greatly decrease the time-to-close, reduce recurrences, drive IT stability and increase customer satisfaction.  With KT training and coaching, the process facilitator becomes a leader who brings structure to troubleshooting in order to find the root cause with a team of experts, engineers, as well as technicians.  Kepner-Tregoe knows that an effective facilitator uses analytical processes to define the facts, filter out and properly handle opinions, challenge assumptions, provide summaries and ensure that everybody is appropriately involved in troubleshooting sessions.

By recognizing the role of a process facilitator, Kepner-Tregoe helps businesses make more effective use of the wealth of existing knowledge and experience available in their organization.  Problems that have been persistently stuck without a solution gain the momentum that moves them toward resolution. Furthermore, major incidents gain the oversight and structure of the facilitator’s strong leadership.  Kepner-Tregoe trains leaders in an organization to fulfill the role of process facilitator so that when problems occur they are short-lived and quickly resolved, allowing your organization to function more smoothly and effectively. 

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