Kepner-Tregoe’s Incident management solutions offer our clients incident management tools as well as processes to effectively restore services while reducing incidents.  Managing incidents with Kepner-Tregoe’s Incident Management processes helps companies increase efficiency, resolve customer service issues quickly, and minimize service disruption.

As companies become increasingly reliant on IT services, the ability to react and manage critical IT incidents has in turn become paramount. Kepner-Tregoe (KT) understands that a successful incident management strategy helps IT organizations effectively and efficiently restore services in order to minimize business impact and increase customer satisfaction.

ITIL® recognized, Kepner-Tregoe Restore builds Incident Management capabilities. KT Restore is both a process improvement approach as well as a troubleshooting toolkit.  Kepner-Tregoe works with clients to assess their IT incident management environment for strengths, gaps and weakness. From there KT helps clients implement the Kepner-Tregoe incident management methodology. This can include troubleshooting training, process integration, performance system integration and coaching on the job. These customized incident management solutions build customer satisfaction, improve first time fix rate, reduce cost, decrease resolution time, build IT stability.

Kepner-Tregoe IT incident management solutions bring consistency and quality, allowing clients to better serve their customers.  The KT incident management process is highly valued and relied upon by many leading service organizations worldwide.

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Improving IT Incident Management Performance

A major retailers technology services organization closes the gaps in it's High Severity Incident Managment Process and accomplishes a 74% reduction in Mean-Time to restore and 77% reduction in varitation.  Read more.

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