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While many Operational Excellence (OpEx) frameworks focus on massive business re-engineering and expensive technology solutions — KT’s approach to operational improvement is focused on one thing: delivering real, measurable results. Targeted Performance Improvement drives operational efficiency and profit growth through process clarity, building critical thinking capability, and leadership alignment.


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Optimizing Lean and Sigma


The Path to Operational Excellence

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Defining Your Path to Success

Through Targeted Performance Improvement, we’ll help you identify the critical few problems and outline the most efficient path to achieving your desired results.

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ROI Today and for Years to Come

Targeted Performance Improvement takes into account the layers of complexity today’s leaders face, and through KT’s time-tested processes, creates the clarity needed to deliver results. We understand that success means maximizing ROI, which is why Targeted Performance Improvement emphasizes skill transfer and sustainability to equip organizations to thrive today—and in the years to come.

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