Get to the root cause. Now!

As the complexity of technology and operations continues to increase, the need to root cause high-impact, high-urgency, mission-critical problems becomes paramount. It is necessary for leaders to be able to separate assumptions from facts in order to quickly troubleshoot problems. To get out of the constant firefighting mode, employees must analyze situations systematically and holistically to prevent recurrence.

Is this what you are experiencing?

  • Significant cost and “collateral damage” of problems staying unresolved
  • Significant performance variation and downtime
  • Customer satisfaction is suffering and the organization’s reputation is damaged
  • Recurring issues and problems
  • Unforeseen risks cause significant damage

Our Solutions

Root Cause Analysis

Learn Kepner-Tregoe's world class root cause analysis (RCA)methodology. You will troubleshoot faster and implement the best fix to solve your most challenging problems.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

For nearly 60 years, the gold-standard in critical skills development. This workshop combines KT RCA with KT Decision Analysis for handling tough decisions, KT Situation Appraisal for managing complex situations and KT Potential Problem and Opportunity analysis.

Program Leader Development (Train-the-Trainer)

Program Leaders are equipped to lead workshops within your organization. These leaders play a critical role in developing and implementing programs that drive sustainability and align the organization for success.

Process Facilitator and Coach Development

This is where “what we know” becomes “what you know.” Process Facilitators and Coaches integrate the use of KT processes by providing leadership, coaching, and facilitation. As certified facilitators and coaches, your leaders will assist their colleagues in solving difficult problems, making tough decisions, setting priorities, and planning ahead.