Kepner-Tregoe Process Improvement consulting services  utilizing best practice industry standards including operations process improvement, Continuous Improvement (CI), Business Process Improvement (BPI), Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean and Six Sigma (DMAIC) to a broad range of industries worldwide. Kepner-Tregoe’s Problem Solving and Decision Making as well as Project Management approaches help support and structure a process improvement project. These methodologies, combined with process mapping, functional flowcharting, a variety of analyses, and use of process metrics and controls, provide a highly effective method for improving processes in operations or business.

KT has a deep history in this area having authored the widely recognized text Improving Performance in the area of Process Improvement which prompted much of the development of BPI and to this day remains a foundational text.  A KT consulting services engagement will organize work teams and process flows to be clearly structured with goals that are precisely defined.

Process Improvement is accomplished by:
  • Defining the process (how it is done now)
  • Measuring process performance (establishing a base line)
  • Stabilizing the process (removing variation)
  • Improving the process (how it should be done)
  • Ensuring that process is maintained through measurement and management

By implementing integrated, efficient and flexible improvement processes, Kepner-Tregoe ensures that our clients are able to adjust to rapidly changing marketplace, reduce delays and enhance customer satisfaction, encourage collaboration with partners and customers and optimize utilization of resources.

KT’s Process Improvement through Business Process Improvement or Operations Process Improvement has helped diverse industries such as manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, finance, health and aerospace improve quality, timeliness, efficiency, cost reductions and cycle-time.  For over 50 years, KT consultants have provided world class time-proven, data-driven process improvement, BPI, or BPM processes to companies –from start-ups to Fortune 500 - achieve process improvements leading to high performance.