Developing your next generation of leaders 

Organizations face significant demands to develop leaders at all levels who can effectively resolve issues. KT equips the leaders of tomorrow with the necessary rational and critical thinking skills that become the foundation of effective leadership and issue-resolution management.

Kepner-Tregoe's Clear Thinking processes provide individuals with the capability to think clearly, enabling them to “cut through the clutter” of business complexity. By getting to the heart of an issue, they can address the most complex challenges confronting your organization.

This gives leaders the skill to focus their teams on the vital few issues affecting the company. A common language and common process are essential for effective, efficient collaboration across teams, functions, and geographies.

Results delivered

  • A major car manufacturer increased management capability and met critical business objectives.
  • Following a merger, a global company saved $1.3 million on insurance costs the first year and $300,000 in subsequent years.
  • A computer chip manufacturer solved a long-standing defect problem, saving $2.8 million annually.
  • A vinyl manufacturer increased annualized production with a significant rise in profits.
  • A food products manufacturer saved $1.3 million by improving planning and decision-making by work teams.
  • A U.S. money center bank resolved a recurring systems failure and restored their international monetary exchange cycle, preserving millions of dollars in interest earnings.

Trouble Aboard Apollo XIIIAn Abbreviated use of Problem Analysis
Reprinted from The New Rational Manager, by Charles, H. Kepner and Benjamin B. Tregoe

Our Solutions

Problem Solving and Decision Making

When confronted with difficult problems, important decisions, and the need for successful actions, you can't just make a “best guess” and hope for a positive outcome. Hunches, instinct, and pure intuition may occasionally be inspiring, but they more often lead to unforeseen difficulties.

Analytic Troubleshooting

Increase the operating efficiency of your production environment. Solve problems faster by utilizing the world’s leading troubleshooting methodology to sort, organize, and analyze large quantities of information.

ITSM Problem and Incident Management

This workshop provides an “entry level” into Kepner-Tregoe’s world-renowned processes at the heart of ITIL® Problem and Incident Management. In addition, this priSM® recognized course will prepare you for the ISEB Foundation Examination for ITSM.

Problem Solving and Decision Making for CAPAs

KT's systematic approach to handling Corrective & Preventive Actions and responding to regulatory issues, quality problems, validations, complaints and recalls is used by life science organizations worldwide to meet the challenges of operating in a regulated environment efficiently and economically.

Conducting and Documenting Investigations

The Kepner-Tregoe approach to conducting and documenting investigations helps ensure compliance with FDA cGMP requirements. It is used in organizations worldwide to improve the quality and speed of completing investigations and satisfying FDA requirements for documentation.

Incident Mapping

Kepner-Tregoe Incident Mapping brings the clarity needed to gain control of major incidents, take the right action, and prevent future incidents by developing a visual map of cause-and-effect relationships and leveraging creative collaboration to finding solutions. 


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