Maximizing your asset productivity

Kepner-Tregoe’s data-driven Targeted Performance Improvement approach guides the organization through the processes of rapidly assessing and delivering operational improvements through the execution of an optimal portfolio of improvement initiatives. Through side-by-side collaboration we ensure that the changes required to operational practices, processes, and procedures are implemented and the improvements are sustained.

Results delivered

  • 47% improvement in Operational Efficiency
  • 12:1 ROI over a 12 month period—surpassing ROI goals by 140%
  • 30% improvement in Production Rate
  • 17% improvement in Operational Efficiency, translating into $7.3 million in savings
  • 50% reduction in Change-Over-Time

KT Targeted Performance Improvement

Improving conversion time, quality and cost

We collaborate with clients in delivering rapid and targeted change to improve performance. This approach achieves specific results through project driven, operational improvements that are closely aligned to strategic and operational goals. We employ the following process:

  1. Mobilize: So we can hit the ground running together with the right resources 
  2. Analyze: Data-driven approach to diagnose problems and understand return on investment (ROI)
  3. Prioritize: To understand the critical few problems contributing the most pain
  4. Design: Develop the optimal solution
  5. Implement: Grow employee capabilities, achieve ROI
  6. Sustain: Make the ROI stick

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