Kepner-Tregoe Australia offers a variety of leadership training options to develop and train what are potentially the most valuable assets in your organization. Participants can attend a comprehensive program directed at the emerging and new leaders in your business. We offer stand alone leadership workshops aimed at specific development areas or will create customized solutions packaged for your organization and unique business needs.

Emerging Leader Program

This is a leadership training program that has the difference you have been looking for. It is a partnership between participant and course leader to build core leadership capabilities. Our programs require active engagement taking individuals through a series of practical applications providing a core foundation for future growth. 

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Kepner-Tregoe offers a suite of focused leadership workshops. Each program has been designed to meet current global business leader needs.


  • Leading High Performing Teams - By understanding your own personal strengths and those of your team, this High Performance model diagnoses your teams' effectiveness whilst providing a clear three month plan for improvement. The result, high-performing team plan and strategy.
  • Executive Change Management - This Six Pillar model provides clear guidance to executives on how to plan change as well as diagnose where things are going wrong to maximise the success of any business initiative
  • Leveraging Talent - Have you ever wondered if you enhance your peoples' effectiveness? Learn how to leverage employee talent by understanding the 5 levers of success. Multiplying the value they add
  • Strategic Decision Making - With more responsibility comes bigger decisions. Apply this decision-making framework to guide you through decisions such as organisation structure design, vendor selection and high-cost/risk purchases. A critical framework for senior managers. 
  • Learning Agility - Learn the secret to fast and new skill development. This formal process provides you the framework to become an agile learner and pick up new concepts fast. A critical skill for those requiring innovative thinking.

Who are these workshops for? The intended audiences are experienced leaders. All workshops have been designed to stand-alone or be packaged together to formalise a learning pathway for senior leaders.

Duration: Individual 1 day workshops.

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Online registrations are not available yet and are coming soon! Call us should you wish to pre-register for a workshop.