Bob Cook, plant manager of Johnson Controls Automotive Seating group's Lakewood metals plant in Holland, Mich., accepts the Kepner-Tregoe International Rational Process Achievement Award for 2012.

"Everyone at Kepner-Tregoe congratulates the outstanding teams from Johnson Controls for implementing Clear Thinking and working to transform their processes to materially affect outcomes. It is inspiring to see the hard work and hundreds of hours that these teams have taken to integrate transformative thinking into their organization. KT is privileged to work with organizations such as Johnson Controls that believe in the power of Clear Thinking as much as we do." 

Ray Baxter, Chief Executive Officer, Kepner-Tregoe, Inc.

Making a practice of Clear Thinking

Johnson Controls, an unprecedented five-time KT International Process Achievement Award winner is a global leader in automotive seating, The company places an emphasis on their employees becoming "triple certified" in not only KT processes, but also Six Sigma and Lean.  


Johnson Controls Secret to Continuous Improvement


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Creating a culture where everyone wins complete version

Creating a culture of Clear Thinking

The fruits of planning and hard work, over the years, are very much working in Johnson Controls favor. Having successfully built a culture of problem solvers and critical thinkers has spun off a number of competitive advantages, from establishing a culture of innovation, consistent and outstanding quality, enhanced productivity as well as saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Johnson Controls' continuous improvement (CI) program is setting the gold standard in implementing critical thinking into their organization by ensuring that all of the Automotive Seating group's Metals team members are not only exposed to KT processes on a regular basis, but also have the opportunity to receive in-depth training. Communication is a key element to this success. Monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings are held that enable teammates from around the world to discuss CI, their respective projects and the three pillars of their triple certification, which are: KT(Kepner-Tregoe), Six Sigma and Lean.

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Ray Baxter, Kepner-Tregoe, presenting the award to Bob Cook and Johnson Controls leadership on behalf of the Lakewood Plant team. Seen in the front row: Ray Baxter (KT), Chris Eisenhart, Bob Cook. Back row: Sam Bernstine (KT), Tim Adams, Victor Polen, Paul VanHoof,and Joel Beezhold.