Results of the 2009 Kepner-Tregoe International Process Achievement Awards.

We at KT are delighted to announce the results of the 2009 Kepner-Tregoe International Process Achievement Awards. Once again we had a wide number of entries from client organizations around the world and in many different industries. Judging was as always a challenge, but I am pleased to announce the following winners:

Grand Winner - Operational Excellence

BJC Healthcare

BJC’s systematic tactical and strategic implementation of KT's processes, led by senior management in an implementation throughout the organization, had a net positive impact of more than $16m saved.

Winner, Single Use of Process

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente's project was designed to ensure the comprehensive capturing of all services provided at an owned hospital. KT Business Process Mapping and KT Project Management were combined to create a system which ensures that charges and supporting medical documentation are captured at the right point in the overall process, eliminating missed charges and additional work down stream in the process. The result: an estimated $85M increase in additional charges captured over the prior year – an increase solely attributed to enhanced business processes.

The work done in these companies is an example of the power of rational process, and the value that those who use it bring to their organizations. From all of us at KT to all who worked on the winning projects, many congratulations on your achievements – and congratulations too to all our clients who have improved the operation of their businesses through the application of rational process tools.

Best regards,

Rich Van Camp
Chief Executive Officer
Kepner-Tregoe Inc.