Government client case studies available to read on our site include an excerpt from our best-selling book, The Rational Manager by Kepner-Tregoe Founder Ben Tregoe.  The Rational Manager  tells how rapid KT troubleshooting was used to bring Apollo XIII home safely, then KT root cause analysis (RCA) was used to determine the root cause of the problem once the spacecraft was safely home, in order to prevent recurrences in future space flights.

As case studies from KT engagements with government clients show, Kepner-Tregoe rapid troubleshooting allows cool heads to prevail when time is short, tensions are high, and a lot is on the line. For this reason, Kepner-Tregoe risk analysis is used widely in organizations to plan for emergency response. The value of our structured problem solving is in the efficient use of data, collaborative team problem solving as well as the ability to work as a strong consensus building tool within work teams.  Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training programs have also brought structured decision making or project management to many government agencies providing greater clarity, documentation, and clear lines of responsibility.

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