Case Studies In Creating Value

CLIENT: US Money Center Bank

Recurring System Failure Puts Millions of Dollars at Risk

A U.S. money center bank experienced a recurring system failure that interrupted their international monetary exchange cycle. Using Kepner-Tregoe processes, the bank resolved the systems failure and restored the exchange cycle. Losses due to the disruption could have been staggering. By resolving the problem quickly, the bank preserved millions of dollars in interest earnings.

CLIENT: Financial Services Company

A Process Approach to Resolving Conflict

The Kepner-Tregoe Situation Appraisal process was used to focus discussion between two software development groups at a regional financial services company based in the eastern U.S. The groups were required to coordinate new software releases for the company’s retail bank, but they were unable to reach an accord.

After weeks of disagreement, the group spent five hours in a conference room as a facilitato led them through the Situation Appraisal process. The groups were able to clarify and prioritize major concerns for top management attention and decision making and came to a consensus on a roll-out process, next steps, and responsibilities.

CLIENTS: Merging Commercial Banks

Project Planning Results in “Trouble-Free” Merger

Kepner-Tregoe Project Management processes were used, over a six week period, to develop the project plan for the merger of the check cashing and loan operations of two major U.S. commercial banks.

Merger activities took six months. According to an article about the merger that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, it was “the most trouble-free merger of back office operations” that the Journal had ever covered. By devoting six weeks to planning the merger, the banks implemented the plan and met project goals on-time and on-budget.