Energy and oil industry case studies recount the impact that process improvements have had on energy and oil producers. Kepner-Tregoe (KT) consulting and training programs are used in energy and oil companies around the globe to improve production, manage risk, or reduce maintenance costs, to name a few objectives they help organizations or businesses achieve. KT programs have also successfully built new efficiencies along energy and oil company supply chains, reducing costs and waste.

Case studies of energy and oil organizations highlight how Kepner-Tregoe helps clients achieve process improvements.  After analysis reveals areas for improvement targeted process improvement programs are then implemented, achieving results that often far surpass projected goals. Using structured analysis, Kepner-Tregoe identifies areas for rapid, sustainable improvement then works with client organizations on solutions so that changes are permanent, creating a long term competitive advantage.

Problem solving or root cause analysis improvement programs have successfully helped energy and oil companies to reduce costs, eliminate waste, or affect improvements against other key metrics. In addition, using the structured risk analysis processes, KT Potential Problem / Opportunity Analysis, organizations have embedded sustainable safety and environmental initiatives and identified opportunities for ongoing improvement.

To learn more about Kepner-Tregoe consulting and training solutions for the energy and oil industries, contact us.

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