A Singapore-Listed Company

INTRODUCTION: Established in 1912 with key activities in Engineering, Construction and Integrated Facility Management, a Singapore-listed corporation’s strong track record and end-to-end capabilities from Design, Build and Manage has given it a competitive edge in today’s business. As one of the first listed companies in Singapore, the company today has more than 5,000 employees and operations in about 12 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

BUSINESS ISSUE: Under its property development subsidiary, the company continues to contribute to Singapore’s urban landscape by building some of the more iconic structures and residential condominiums. Its most recent project is a mixed development comprising of a multi-story condominium and hotel as well as a retail podium. Given the strategic and iconic nature of this development, it is singled out by the company’s senior management for KT to provide project management support. The underlying intents are to embed robust project management practices that govern the construction of the iconic project; and in the longer term, develop a customized model that can replicate success at other project sites.

THE COLLABORATION: Underpin by KT’s Sustainability Proposition model comprising of Capability Transfer, Process Integration, Performance Support, the company and KT collaborated to improve the iconic project via:

  • Based on pre-determined criteria, identified key personnel as Internal Process Drivers which were groomed to drive improvement effort.
  • Internal Process Drivers underwent customized training in Project Management, Issue Resolution and Performance System.
  • Identified causes of bottlenecks and thereafter devised corrective actions (e.g., Technical Drawing Process).
  • Developed guidelines for three level-down WBS detailed project planning which formed the basis for Perfect Week Management.
  • Scanned project implementation during Milestone Management to pin-point potential areas of concern and thereafter proactive resolutions through Perfect Week Management.
  • Established a Subcontractor Selection and Risk Management Matrix.
  • Established an Interface Model that supports coordination among Structural, M&E, Architectural and Curtain Wall works focusing on Perfect Week, Milestone Management, Visual Factory and Technical Drawing Process Optimization.
  • Established protocols and measurement systems to track project progress and performance that aided management in making fact-based decisions.
  • Reduced conflicts among stakeholders, usually involving Main and Sub-contractors, M&E, Architects, etc., by providing a process for cooperation, communication and issue resolution.

KEPNER TREGOE PROJECT MANAGEMENT combines the technical and people skills that are fundamental for effective project management. Its practical, step-by-step approach results in the successful management of projects, regardless of size or complexity. Drawing on its proven processes for problem solving and decision making, risk management and human performance, KT Project Management provides the capabilities needed to bring construction projects in on time and within budget.

KT’s comprehensive method and intervention for strengthening the project management expertise in organizations of construction industry consists of four distinct phases:



KT Project Management also addresses the factors that can promote project performance and influence project behavior. Our approach to engineering the performance system and managing people involvement can be used to support teamwork and gain commitment to the project.

CLIENT LIST FROM CONSTRUCTION SUPPLY CHAIN: Some of our clients in the construction supply chain who have benefited from KT process driven project management are Ann Joo Steel, Axis Identity Group, BlueScope Steel, BlueScope Lysaght, Cement Australia, Greatearth Construction, Keppel Shipyard, NatSteel, Paramount Property Development, Pruksa Real Estate Thailand, SCG Building Materials, United Engineers Limited, just to name a few.

Kepner-Tregoe (KT ) provides consulting and training services to organizations throughout the world. We support clients and build competitive advantage by using our systematic approaches to achieve rapid, targeted results and create lasting value.

Since 1958, KT has studied how effective business leaders manage difficult business challenges. We incorporated their habits into repeatable, logical, and consistent methods for resolving problems, making decisions, planning ahead, and managing people and projects. This world-renowned, rational-process approach helps maximize the critical thinking skills, knowledge, and expertise of individuals and organizations.

KT collaborates with many of the largest and most successful companies in the world to improve the way work is done and facilitate new approaches to quality, competitiveness, cost, cycle time, business strategy and other issues. Some remarkable results KT has achieved with our other clients in project management excellence are summarized as follows:

REINVENT THE BUSINESS: A FPSO builder integrated KT PM into their process to drive safety, operation improvement, cost efficiency.

GROWTH: A pharmaceutical manufacturer turned to KT PM to implement and run a project management office. After two years of no new products, they are now launching 5–10 annually.

PROJECT OVERLOAD: A Bio-Service client adopted KT PM to address a project overload situation. Onschedule projects increased from 56.4% to 90%, saving “696” people days along the way.

MORE UPTIME: A Steel making client recently completed its shutdown under budget and ahead of schedule. We are now supporting the same client in their Strategic Implementation plan roll-out.