The value of the Kepner-Tregoe problem solving and other critical thinking strategies is not confined to the world of business. Benjamin Tregoe recognized that there were other fields of endeavor where these skills would be of huge value, but where it is likely that budgets would not be available to invest in this type of education.

Bringing the value of Kepner-Tregoe
to school leaders and students

​In 1993 he set up TregoED with the goal of bringing the value of Kepner-Tregoe problem solving and other critical thinking skills to school leaders and students. Since that time TregoED critical thinking strategies have reached over 18,000 school and district leaders and 80,000 students. Benjamin Tregoe was dedicated to the success of this program, serving as chairman of the organization until his death in 2005.

The TregoED program focuses on four key areas:

  • Situation Appraisal
  • Decision Analysis
  • Problem Analysis
  • Potential Problem Analysis

Each year TregoED presents the Benjamin E. Tregoe Awards, to honor school districts, individuals or teams that have achieved significant and enduring results using TregoED tools for collaborative problem solving and decision-making. The award winners successfully demonstrate the resolution of a critical issue/problem or operational/systemic changes that have had lasting value.

This year the awards honor school districts that have shown strategic leadership in education through the collaborative use of KT critical thinking. The 2016 winners are:

Sewanhaka Central High School District in Nassau County, Long Island, in New York State. Sewanhaka CSD received the award for the second straight year for their work to increase student access to technology in a manner that is equitable and sustainable. They were recognized for using TregoED processes to help make tough, collaborative decisions. These included selecting a student technology access plan, determining which device and platform was most suitable, and developing a viable rollout and implementation plan, complete with professional development and new policies.

Burlington County Institute of Technology and Burlington County Special Services School District in New Jersey. BCIT and BCSSSD are recognized for their systemic use of TregoED processes to face several district‐wide challenges. These included transparent communication of expectations, vertical alignment of organizational goals, analysis of data to inform instruction, identification of the root cause of achievement issues, and discovery of ways to capitalize on new initiatives. BCIT/BCSSSD embraced TregoED processes and invested in developing the potential and critical thinking capacity of their administrative and teacher leaders.

Cabarrus County Schools, North Carolina. Cabarrus County Schools are recognized for creating a system‐wide culture of collaborative decision-making and problem solving. They have developed a systematic and collaborative budget process using TregoED tools, which provided input from all levels for the formation of a joint budget committee that includes school district and county employees, parents and community members. Their comprehensive, collaborative and methodical approach has enabled them to develop a solid budget with the support of stakeholders. It addition it has helped them to move the district forward in math achievement and to develop and implement a comprehensive choice plan for their schools.

The success of TregoED in introducing teachers, school leaders and students to advanced critical thinking and problem solving techniques is evident in these award-winning school achievements and continues the valuable and tangible legacy of the work of Benjamin Tregoe.

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