Do you recall the last time you facilitated a group or small team of people?

On reflection, how do you think you did? How well do you think you controlled the group dynamics?

What progress did you make during the session? Could it have gone better?

Whether managing major incidents, making complex decisions or facilitating group 

meetings, strong leadership capabilities are called for. Frequently however, leaders 

often find themselves confronted with a number of challenges when working with teams. Leaders report that the top 5 barriers to successful facilitation are:

  1. Too much "thinking within the box", few other paths are explored.
  2. Too confident in using existing expert content knowledge whilst technology continues to become more complex.
  3. Trusting solutions that worked before.
  4. Decision making being done on poor quality information.
  5. Actions are taken whilst there is a lack of common understanding of the issue.

Read more about the 5 barriers in the article written by KT's Martine Joosten, The added value of a Facilitator when troubleshooting as a group

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