We all have our moments of sloppy thinking but that doesn’t make it right. A core group of talented Lego actors who missed being cast in the critically acclaimed The Lego Movie explore this concept in the latest tour-de -force of Lego animation.  The Legos acting troupe set the stage for the universal need for clear thinking—in new product development, on the help desk, and in medical decision making with a series of three brief animations. Hilarious but too true, check out this three-part series of Lego animations.

Diagnosis: Sloppy Thinking. Cure: Kepner-Tregoe Clear Thinking -- Episode 1

Sloppy thinking prevents issues from being resolved right the first time. Watch KT’s video—written and produced by KT Consultant Gijs Verrest—for a humorous take on how sloppy thinking leads to disastrous results.


Sloppy Thinking, Episode 2: The Boardroom

First it was Coca-Cola; Pepsi—but what’s next? Watch Sloppy Thinking Episode 2: The Boardroom to find out.



Sloppy Thinking, Episode 3: The Helpdesk

When it comes to customer service, almost everyone has had moments of sloppy thinking. In Sloppy Thinking, Episode 3:The Helpdesk, Kepner-Tregoe offers a humorous twist to a customer service scenario.

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