Align the Expectations and Lead by Example

William Egenton, Managing Director of Dromone Engineering once said, “Ensuring there is value built in from an integrated end-to-end process view is essential for any transformational improvement program. There are always many things to do but integrating our approach and prioritizing the work gives us much more clarity on where to get the best return.”

Getting the expectations and measures aligned from the board room to the shop floor ensures people share in the pain and the reward. With this achieved, role modeling behavior becomes much more meaningful. The aim of making every day our very best means everyone gets involved, supporting one another to get things done.

Follow this line of questioning to align expectations and lead your team

  Self-Assessment Questions Qualifying Questions
13. Do senior personnel know what is expected of people—in terms of behavior, attitudes, skills, and knowledge? If yes, how do they define changes for each area?
14. Are business leaders readily able to engage and interact with people to provide them with feedback? If yes, how do they do it?
15. Do business leaders provide a role model for their people to follow? If yes, how effective are these role models?
16. Does everyone agree on how business leaders should engage with their people moving forward? If yes, to what extent do they agree?

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