Integrate the Solutions – Make Your Processes Deliver Value

Colin Boughton, Operations Director from FujiFilm Specialty Ink Systems understands what before and after looked like. “Our previous formulations were on a page of A4 and said things like ‘add ingredient slowly by stirring’,” reflects Boughton. “The description is more like a novel now. It lists the amount of material to use, the RPM for stirring and the number of seconds after which you should turn the stirrer off.”

To do things differently often requires focus on those processes that add the most value and integrate the thinking around the solution – removing both variation and waste. There is, however, heavy reliance on so many other inputs to ensure success. Processes need to be well-defined with clear steps, have defined responsibilities, and be executed to the agreed standards. Then they need to be managed for accountability as well as continued improvement within that supported performance environment.

Follow this line of questioning to integrate solutions and deliver value

  Self-Assessment Questions Qualifying Questions
9. Do you know which process adds the most value to your KPIs? If yes, which is it and why?
10. Are your new or improved processes clearly defined and understood? If yes, what evidence do you have?
11. Are your new or improved processes well executed? If yes, how do you know they are being used effectively?
12. Are your new or improved processes well managed? If yes, how do you know they are managed effectively?

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See Rule #4: Align the Expectations and lead by example 

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