Learn and Do at Rio Tinto Minerals

With a Learn & Do approach to project management, Rio Tinto Minerals CEO Dean Gehring is transforming strategic projects into reality 

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Choosing a Project Manager

Project success is greater with the right project manager.  What is the role of the project manager? What are the criteria for selecting a project manager?

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Skills and the Future of Jobs

The recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report, The Future of Jobs, cites critical thinking and complex problem solving as the most enduring job skills

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The Troubleshooting Amusement Park

Great trouble-shooters know to examine “what changed” to solve a problem. But with so many changes, which is the best one to chase? 

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From Call to Resolution

Excellent team coordination resolve issues quickly and deepen client trust

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Learning does not stop at the classroom door

Training needs to be treated as a process, not as an event. Training cannot finish when the student leaves the classroom.

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