Kepner-Tregoe Tools and Process Validation

Controlling process change can be improved, KT methods support three key areas of process validation: planning, installation and qualification

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Is your Ops ready for DevOps?

Is your Ops ready for DevOps? Before removing barriers between Dev and Ops, eliminate the silos of Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management 

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"IT'S BACK”: The Dilemma of Recurring Problems

Recurring problems—the ones you thought you solved—can be avoided. How to confirm with data and find the cause-of-the-cause.

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Do You Know Your Customer?

IT professionals need to look beyond IT to understand the businesses they work in and their strategic and integrated role in driving the business forward.

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Sailing Through Change

Like a ship perfectly docking, organizational change can be surprisingly nimble. Five tips for agile and successful organizational change

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Providing Value in IT Service Management with Critical Thinking

Using critical thinking right from the strategy stage of the IT Service lifecycle will greatly improve the quality of the decision making process


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Speed up – we need it fixed!

In IT service and support, the ability to use experience and take the right action under mounting pressure is a skill that can be learned. 

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Are You Working on the Right Problem?

Make sure you are working on the actual problem, not just a symptom – fix the shoes, not the sore foot!

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