Fire Fighting or Leadership: How do you spend your days?

When issues are only partially or superficially addressed, problems recur and new problems arise.  A way to avoid this is by focusing on three preconditions: time, attention and structure.

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The FDA is knocking; are you ready to answer the door?

Food Safety and Modernization Act compliance. A new KT blog about implementing programs that not only meet regulatory compliance but also control costs, eliminate turmoil, and control food safety perceptions.

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One poor decision, catastrophic effects

A discussion by Gijs Verrest of Kepner-Tregoe about the thinking that may have avoided the tragic consequences on March 11th, 2011 at the Fukushima power plant.

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Food Safety and Modernization Act: Building a Plan for Compliance

Confused about what the Food Safety and Modernization Act means to your organization? Four phases where thinking clearly and planning effective actions reduces the risk of failing to meet new regulatory challenges.

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What Executives Don't Know about Middle Management

Although middle managers are firmly operational in their responsibilities, they are a strategic force within organizations. New KT blog post.

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Operational Excellence: Tips for Addressing the Common Pitfalls of Continuous Improvement

Learn the actions the best organizations take to avoid common barriers to continuous improvement and operations excellence 

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