Overcome the 5 biggest barriers to group problem solving success

Strong leadership capabilities are called for when managing major incidents, making complex decisions, or facilitating group meetings. Learn about the top 5 barriers to successful facilitation.

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Who's Balancing Your Project Checkbook?

Formal project approval processes need to focus more on human rather than financial capital.  A way to achieve this is by breaking projects into tasks that can be completed in no more than a week.

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The Right Tool for the Job: Decision Analysis and the Hiring Process

Hiring decisions at client organizations are guided by Kepner-Tregoe's Decision Analysis (DA) structured format.  Learn what these organizations report to be six key advantages when applying DA in the hiring process.

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So etwas passiert nicht noch einmal!... denken Sie...
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Help! My car is allergic to vanilla ice cream; a study in problem solving. The complete case

Can vanilla ice cream be a clue to solving the mystery of how a car won't start? Learn problem solving skills through research and critical thinking.

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Are Your CAPA Projects Well Thought Out Journeys...

Good projects begin with good decisions and planning, which require knowing where you are before you begin.  Decide goals and objectives before choosing a CAPA.

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Is There a Process in Place?

Is there a process in place? KT consultant Robert Binney blogs on the importance of having a process, 50 years after an American tragedy.

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Process Knowledge versus Content Knowledge. What TV’s CSI Reveals

What does TV’s CSI reveal about process versus expertise? New blog post by Kit Hon Chan of KT Southeast Asia contends that too many business leaders are blinded by expertise. He uses CSI to explain what’s needed.

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