Enhanced Troubleshooting: KT and Six Sigma

Six Sigma is about “Common Cause” problems, where factors inherent to the product or the process cause deviations over time. Think of any machine—all machines produce heat and all machines vibrate. And over time, that heat will eventually dry out and crack the seals and gaskets, and the vibration will eventually work all the bolts loose. This is just in the nature of things—inherent variation. Six Sigma attempts to isolate those inherent sources of variation, and to reduce them.

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Why not teach KT skills to kids?

Kepner-Tregoe founder, Ben Tregoe, was constantly asked by the Program Leaders who were certified to teach Problem Solving & Decision Making workshops, "Why aren't they teaching these skills in our schools?” In keeping with his lifelong belief that if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime, Ben agreed. Teachers make a lasting impression on their students. Invariably when a successful person names the most influential people in their lives, among them is a teacher or professor.

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How to become an Incident & Problem Management Superstar

Some key take aways from webcast presentation:  Kepner-Tregoe methodology, improving IM and PM, making improvement stick,  and a rational approach to incident and problem management. 

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