Covid-19 Pandemic: In Search of Silver Linings

No question that much has changed, and this pandemic is causing some hard times.  However, change, either good or bad can offer opportunity. And to take advantage of this opportunity requires reflection.

Working from Home: How to Stay Motivated and Focused

COVID-19 has many of us working from home. This new environment is a change from our normal flow and is missing the daily markers we’ve come to depend on.  Here’s how to make sure your focus and productivity are not interrupted.

Making learning effective even in challenging circumstances

The next stage of the COVID 19 outbreak is uncertain with the impact on the global economy predicted to be substantial.  Restrictions to travel and site access is causing a grand shift to work and connect virtually as this option offers access for all of us to continue our work. 

How to minimize the impact of the COVID 19 virus on your organization

The coronavirus outbreak is a major concern for the health of potentially hundreds of thousands of people as well as impacting the global economy.  Business Continuity systems exist to manage the impact of potentially catastrophic events that threaten the ability of a business to operate at a fundamental level. Learn more…

How Cybersecurity is Changing the Face of Incident Management

Cybercriminals are everywhere. Unfortunately, once they get into your network, they get plenty of time to do their dirty work, as it takes almost two months (50 days) on average for IT teams to identify that a breach has occurred.

Root Cause Analysis: Are these Mistakes Common in Your Organization?

Whether an organization is seeking Six Sigma excellence or merely struggling to reduce chaos, problem solving predictably falls short in one or all of these four areas.

Three Tips for Navigating the Ocean of Data to Improve Problem Solving in Manufacturing

Identifying and using the right data is at the heart of effective problem solving and decision making.  To stay afloat in the vast ocean of available data that can support complex problem solving, consider these three foundational actions.

Boomers are retiring in droves - taking valuable skills and company knowledge with them

A generational shift is taking place. Over the next decade, boomers are set to head into retirement in droves. As they walk out the door, they are taking specialized skills, company knowledge and on-the-job expertise - accumulated over decades of employment - with them.

Improving productivity and efficiency begins with learning to say no

It is a blessing for those who have an abundance of time on their hands. However, most of us have more work than we can honestly fit into our days so, how do you say no to the trivial many projects and tasks, and yes to vital few?  

Now What? Improving Your Response When Problems First Arise

To handle issues as they arise, team members need to understand the type of problem before them and have the tools to resolve the issue or describe the problem effectively for others to resolve.  

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