Three Tips for Navigating the Ocean of Data to Improve Problem Solving in Manufacturing

Identifying and using the right data is at the heart of effective problem solving and decision making.  To stay afloat in the vast ocean of available data that can support complex problem solving, consider these three foundational actions.

Boomers are retiring in droves - taking valuable skills and company knowledge with them

A generational shift is taking place. Over the next decade, boomers are set to head into retirement in droves. As they walk out the door, they are taking specialized skills, company knowledge and on-the-job expertise - accumulated over decades of employment - with them.

Improving productivity and efficiency begins with learning to say no

It is a blessing for those who have an abundance of time on their hands. However, most of us have more work than we can honestly fit into our days so, how do you say no to the trivial many projects and tasks, and yes to vital few?  

Now What? Improving Your Response When Problems First Arise

To handle issues as they arise, team members need to understand the type of problem before them and have the tools to resolve the issue or describe the problem effectively for others to resolve.  

Operational Excellence: How Daily Management Reduces Stress

Daily Management reduces stress with a systematic approach to operations management that provides reassurance that things are going as expected or being acted on to bring processes in line with key operational targets

Applying continuous improvement to your production management processes

Beginning and sustaining an improvement journey can often mean fighting naysayers, inertia and reluctance to change work routines, even the bad ones. Yet, the perfect marriage of a continuous improvement culture and effective production management creates consistent, world-class performance. 

Master Change by Building Core Skills

The transition into a new era of technology will fundamentally change both the type of work humans perform and how they perform it. Now is the best time for companies to invest in their employees by helping them develop and refine their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Happy Holidays from Kepner-Tregoe!

We wish our clients and friends a very joyous holiday season and prosperous 2020. Plus, don't miss Kepner-Tregoe's How the Grinch Stole KT Kate holiday challenge in this blog!

Putting Together A Top-Notch IT Incident Management Team

As systems are only getting more complex—especially with cloud entering the picture—outages are going to continue. But many can be avoided, and others fixed quickly by putting resources behind having the right skilled employees in the right positions following proven best practices and processes.

IT’s Role in Supporting Business Technology

While IT systems can easily collect and correlate data, IT professionals have a big opportunity to add applied intelligence to determine corrective steps then automate responses for similar future issues.

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