The Five Catalysts of Implementation Success

Based on years of working with clients to ensure the success of training and human capital improvement programs, we have identified five principles that serve as important catalysts for change.

Why Handoffs are Important in IT Service Management

Like dropping the baton in a race, fumbling the flow of information in business is a losing proposition. In IT Service Operations, where technical teams can face major incidents that risk millions of dollars, improving the flow of information is critical for improving the customer experience. Data that is captured in a cohesive, easy-to-follow format improves the IT service process and ultimately the customer experience.  

Yes, we need firefighters, but fire preventers are better

Firefighting is a short-term reaction to a problem that in some cases could have been prevented. Effective problem solving not only minimizes a problem’s effects, it has the potential for avoiding future problems, resolving systemic issues and revealing opportunities for improvement.

Succession Planning and the Pandemic

It’s not too late to address the disequilibrium in talent acquisition and retention created during the pandemic. Describing and prioritizing concerns is the first step towards minimizing challenges to your talent pool and developing an effective employee succession and pipeline management process.

Career Moves Can Challenge Decision Making

At this point in the global pandemic, people are taking a second look at what they value in a job. For some, multiple opportunities can make taking the next step challenging. Using a decision making process guided by objectives, you weigh the things you value to make the best balance choice.

Getting Unstuck - Easier said than done

Last month the Ever Given container ship found itself sideways in the Suez Canal--stuck there for nearly a week. While social media lit up with countless memes during that time, organizations around the world were facing the challenges of the impact on their supply chains. 

Return to Normalcy: Problem Solving Tools to Focus Your Business on Growth
As we enter the second year of the pandemic, the “new normal” provides an opportunity to refocus on growth with high-value training that is immediately relevant on the job. Led by an experienced instructor, KT LiveOnline uses a web meeting platform to provide access to the specific problem-solving and decision-making skills you want to develop.
Leading and Staffing a Workforce While the Pandemic Lingers

The pandemic is impacting organizations in many ways that are obvious to the general public, but in many not-so-obvious ways as well. From cleaning costs to investment strategies to managing remote staff, it is a lot to consider.

Agility in Decision Making Protects Your Organization
We work within an environment of rapid change that requires an agile, flexible workforce. Within an organization, a shared process for decision making clarifies how a good decision is made and how to go about doing it. It can support simple, day-to-day decisions and can be scaled up to consider a wide array of objectives and involve input from many people. 
Improve Hiring Success with Kepner-Tregoe Decision Analysis

A structured decision-making process is a standard hiring procedure in many organizations. That's not to minimize the value of an analytic approach to all kinds of decisions. But personnel decisions are a big commitment with their own set of challenges. Here's how an analytic approach can be used to improve hiring.

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