News about Kepner-Tregoe (KT), press releases as well as articles about Kepner-Tregoe business improvement solutions or services that appear in the media are contained in these pages.  Kepner-Tregoe provides businesses and organizations with opportunities for improved growth, decreased cost, increased efficiency as well as improved team collaboration. 

Kepner-Tregoe processes are systematic and human and create the confidence to perform under pressure. Whether we are asked to diffuse a critical situation, develop client skills, improve a core business process, or coach managers through change, we are focused on building capability for our customers on core methodologies that transcend industries, technologies, languages, and geographies.

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Forging a Path to Excellence with Albert Chan, Kepner-Tregoe

In a conversation with SmartInvestor Magazine, Albert Chan, Kepner-Tregoe's Managing Director for Southeast Asia / Greater China shares about what drives him and why seeking popularity can be the death of leaders. 

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Kepner-Tregoe to Sponsor UK's Leading IT and Service Management Event, SITS14

Andrew Vermes, Kepner-Tregoe and his team, will be on hand to discuss how Servicenow and KT can establish a mindset change into your organisation.

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Kepner-Tregoe to Sponsor and Present at ServiceNow® Knowledge14®

Shellina Damji of Kepner-Tregoe and Barry Brooks from ServiceNow will discuss a rational methodology to investigate the cause of a problem or incident avoiding bad decisions based on subjective opinions. 

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We have a new office in Calgary. With an active Canadian presence since 1973, this office enables us to support new and existing clients in the oil and gas, mining, technology, services and other sectors. Read our press release

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Industry Today Profiles New KT App

How does the innovative KT App for tablets and iPads support the needs of manufacturing? Learn more in the Industry Today interview with KT CEO Chris Geraghty and head of product development Wayne Stottler. 

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New KT Problem Management Plug-in for Service Now

Kepner-Tregoe and its partner ServiceNow are delighted to announce the availability of an all new KT Plugin within the ServiceNow environment!

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KT Gold Client Event 2013

The location at of the Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim offered an exciting backdrop for this 2013 event. However, the real action and inspiration occured through the exchange of knowledge for all who attended. 

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Kepner-Tregoe (KT) and DAL Group Receive “Highly Commended” Recognition at 2013 Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Awards Ceremony

In recognition for work completed to design a move into agriculture - a new strategic sector for the DAL Group, the Sudan's largest and most diversified conglomerate.

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Kepner-Tregoe to Attend Food Quality Symposium
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What Is The Key To Gaining A Competitive Advantage In Wholesale Distribution?

What’s the key to increasing efficiency, driving productivity and improving bottom-line results in wholesale distribution? Ray Baxter, CEO of Kepner-Tregoe in an interview as shown on the Industrial Distribution website.

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