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Kepner-Tregoe processes are systematic and human and create the confidence to perform under pressure. Whether we are asked to diffuse a critical situation, develop client skills, improve a core business process, or coach managers through change, we are focused on building capability for our customers on core methodologies that transcend industries, technologies, languages, and geographies.

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itSMF UK Annual Conference and Exhibition 2018

Join Andrew Vermes from Kepner-Tregoe at the itSMF UK annual Conference and Exhibition 2018

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The Repeat-Incident Dilemma. Join us at Service Management 2016

57% of organisations suffer from business-critical application performance and availabilty problems. Join us in Brisbane Australia on August 17 for Service Management 2016.  

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End-To-End Integration Of IT Ops To Drive IT Stability at PinkFORUM16

Kepner-Tregoe's Michael Curran-Hays will speak at Pink Elephant 5th Annual IT Service Management Leadership Forum in Scottsdale, AZ. 

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Join us: Webinar on the New Digital Operating Model

Charles T. Betz, a leading industry expert on digital transformation has an important message for today's information technologists about the fundamental need for Cloud, Agile, DevOps & Lean Product Management. 

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Kepner-Tregoe Interview with The Edge Malaysia

Mr. William Baldwin, CEO, Kepner-Tregoe and Mr. George Ng, Regional Managing Director, Kepner-Tregoe Southeast Asia discuss common pitfalls of decision-making.

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Kepner-Tregoe will be at OPEX WEEK Australia 2018

Kepner-Tregoe will be at OPEX WEEK Australia 2018 in Swissotel Sydney, NSW, 26-27 July

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2018 Winners of the Rational Process Achievement Awards and the Benjamin Tregoe Lifetime Impact Awards

Kepner-Tregoe's Chief Executive Officer, Bill Baldwin, announces the winners of the 2018 Rational Process Achievement Awards and the Benjamin Tregoe Lifetime Impact Awards.

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Kepner-Tregoe Attending ITx New Zealand Conference

Kepner-Tregoe will be attending ITx New Zealand this week and will be discussing how "Change is the only constant" in our business world.

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The Simple Method to Keeping Employees Happier at Their Jobs

Kepner-Tregoe’s Jason O’Neill shares his perspective on cross-training in a recent article in Fast Company.

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Critical thinking at work and in the liberal arts

In a recent column, Kepner-Tregoe’s John Ager discusses the added value that critical thinking skills bring to students whether they have a liberal arts background or are STEM-focused. 

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