As a master of many disciplines, Paula has been entrusted to lead two crucial functions at Kepner-Tregoe (KT). She brings a natural talent for numbers to the company’s finance operations, and to the function of organizational development, she is able to express her passion and commitment to KT personnel as the pillars of company growth and prosperity. 

As Director of Finance, she oversees all finance operations including reporting, planning, cash and treasury management, risk management and tax & audit relationships. She ensures that all financial results are accurate and timely informing the shareholders of this privately held company. Sharpening her focus on profitability, Paula makes sure a firm financial foundation is maintained for the company to grow. Going beyond bean counting she ensures systems are friendly so that clients find KT “easy to do business with” leaving them to focus on one of the many solutions for which they’ve employed KT such as, improving operational performance, increasing IT stability, or increasing workforce problem-solving capability.

As Director of Organizational Development Paula defines and designs programs so KT employees have the right tools and resources to achieve outstanding project results for our clients. Working globally, she attracts, engages, develops, manages and retains top talent across all international regions. She also provides direction for the human resources function and oversees KT programs for health and safety to ensure global compliance. As a member of the executive leadership team, Paula focuses on global organizational development which includes compensation, capability development, business processes and information systems.

Throughout her career at KT, Paula has served as a field consultant, Business Manager and as Director of Consultant Development and Support. Her specialties include organizational development and design, employee performance, forecasting, business process improvement, risk management and financial analysis. She is a Certified Public Accountant and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management from Boston College.  She and her husband live in Bucks County, PA and have three adult daughters.