Measures that Matter

How to declutter processes and keep focus on measures that matter




ITSMF2014 is almost here, with a rich mixture of events and sessions.


Andrew Vermes of KT (UK) has a session on Measures that Matter on Monday afternoon:

What can you do about the white space? It's the blank space around the process chart, and it's full of activity.  You can't control it with ever more KPIs and detailed process standards, and even if you try the white space remains as big as ever, and people will fill it -sometimes usefully, occasionally causing disaster.

How much do you prescribe? How much do you leave to individual discretion? What do you do to encourage "helpful" behaviour? Which KPIs really matter?

This short participative session is about getting back to basics in performance management, and ensuring your team have the environment they need to deliver.


We hope to see you there, Monday November 10th, 16.40 (Novotel London West).


Can't make it on the 10th? Contact Andrew directly for his advice.