Creating verifiable quality for investigation

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KT Scorecard

  • Quality defect root causes identified
  • Repeatable process for investigation
  • Clear audit trails of evidence
  • Speed cut from days to hours
  • Exception prevention


CAPA Challenge

There is a recurring and troublesome scenario within the Pharmaceutical Industry :

The mean time-to-root-cause has increased beyond the target of thirty days and shows no sign of decreasing. Your investigators spend most of their time on recurring problems you thought had already been solved.

Cut through the complexity of compliance by setting priorities, troubleshooting issues, and taking the most effective and efficient corrective and preventive actions. Learn to control risk and recognize opportunities for ongoing improvement. 

What you will learn

By using KT’s recognized, step-by-step approach for every non-conformance, you will  improve the quality of your investigations and reduce CAPA cycle time by:

  • Assessing complex issues and breaking them down systematically to correctly create and support investigations
  • Using a logical and systematic process to find and confirm true and root causes
  • Finding the true cause of a problem before investing in expensive CAPAs 

The CAPA Masterclass 22nd October 2015

2 intensive participative hours

London, Paddington

Thursday, 22nd October 2015, 14:00-16:00

Free of charge, Limited spaces

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