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Excellence redefined: Sixty years of Kepner-Tregoe

In 2018 we marked our 60th anniversary celebrating 6 decades of empowering organizations across the globe to grow and thrive in diverse markets through often turbulent financial times. We celebrate our history and work diligently towards the next client milestone!

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Would your bottom line improve with more effective operational problem solving?


ITSM & Tech Support

What does it cost your business when IT services or customer support don't perform?



Is your goal to be an organization of world-class problem solvers and decision makers?


Is the cost of downtime, quality issues and production rates holding your business back? Are you in a regulated industry where non-compliance to regulatory frameworks can result in significant penalties? Whether you are an automotive supplier, pharmaceuticals producer or a manufacturer of any type, our consulting and training services support your goals.

KT Problem Solving for operations delivers measurable results for improved quality, production efficiencies, asset performance and regulatory compliance.

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ITSM & Tech Support

Do your ITSM and Tech Support teams spend more time firefighting than delivering the world-class support your customers expect? Are recurring incidents, problems and escalations hurting your reputation and bottom line?

Take control of your support processes and customer problems by empowering your organization with the best-of-breed training and improvement services from the world's leading problem-solving company.

Start improving IT stability and customer satisfaction and measurably reduce your support costs.

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You want more than just a training course. You want actual problem-solving skills that translate into measurable business impact. Whether you're an individual contributor or looking to empower a team of world-class problem solvers and decision makers, KT has training customized to your needs.

With KT Problem-Solving workshops, your teams will find root cause faster and be able to make tough, data-driven decisions...confidently. We're focused on enabling your organization's problem-solving leaders.

Find the KT workshop that takes your team to the next level.

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18 Feb

Harnessing the future of the Power Generation Industry

With many challenges facing both fossil fuel and nuclear power generation facilities, training and workforce development have never been more important. A newly published article in POWER by Jeff Robinson and Chris Green of Kepner-Tregoe opens the discussion of how important this is for the future of the industry,

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Kepner-Tregoe Workshops

Individuals confirm participation in these workshops continue to radically transform their organizations. Attendees walk away with deep critical thinking skills in the areas of root cause analysis, decision making and project management.

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Step-Change Improvements – The Missing Piece in your Operations Improvement Strategy

Most companies have some sort of Continuous Improvement and Re-engineering practices in place today but many are missing the mid-size opportunities of those improvements that fall somewhere between them. A Step-Change improvement methodology could be the missing piece to round out your operations improvement strategy.  

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