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Kepner-Tregoe (KT) workshops are offered to organizations and professionals interested in acquiring strategic business skills. Kepner-Tregoe workshops are offered all over the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Kepner-Tregoe workshops such as Problem Solving & Decision Making, Project Management, Analytic Troubleshooting and ITSM Problem & Incident Management have radically transformed the way business leaders run their organizations. KT workshop attendees walk away with a robust set of thinking processes to help in areas such as project management, strategic alignment and strategic planning, operational efficiency, problem solving, potential problem analysis, problem & incident management, and many more. 

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Problem Solving & Decision Making
Adelaide, SA, AU
22.Oct - 24.Oct 2014
Toronto, CA
04.Nov - 06.Nov 2014

When confronted with difficult problems, important decisions, and the need for successful actions, you can't just make a “best guess” and hope for a positive outcome. Hunches, instinct, and pure intuition may occasionally be inspiring, but they more often lead to unforeseen difficulties.

Project Management
Hong Kong, HK
28.Oct - 30.Oct 2014
Johor Bahru, MY
28.Oct - 30.Oct 2014

Every organization today achieves results through projects. These projects come in all sizes, varieties, and complexities. And while each project may be vastly different, project teams need a shared process to produce the desired project results. If they don’t, projects are likely to underperform

Analytic Troubleshooting
Apeldoorn, NL
19.Nov - 21.Nov 2014
Princeton, NJ, US
10.Mar - 12.Mar 2015

Increase the operating efficiency of your production environment utilizing the world’s leading troubleshooting methodology. Utilize the world’s leading troubleshooting methodology to sort, organize, and analyze large quantities of information.

ITSM Problem & Incident Management
London - Paddington, GB
24.Nov - 27.Nov 2014
Charlotte, NC, US
10.Feb - 13.Feb 2015

This workshop provides an “entry level” into Kepner-Tregoe’s world-renowned processes at the heart of ITIL® Problem and Incident Management. In addition, this priSM® recognized course will prepare you for the KT Problem & Incident Management examination.

Managing People in Projects

Projects more than any other work situation, require the influence of people to get things done. Identify strategies to avoid people related problems on projects and drive positive team behaviors.

Problem Solving & Decision Making for CAPAs

KT's systematic approach to handling Corrective & Preventive Actions and responding to regulatory issues, quality problems, validations, complaints, and recalls is used by life science organizations worldwide to meet the challenges of operating in a regulated environment efficiently and economically.

Process Facilitator and Coach Development
Princeton, NJ, US
08.Dec - 12.Dec 2014
Princeton, NJ, US
13.Apr - 17.Apr 2015

Process Facilitators and Coaches integrate the use of KT processes by providing leadership, coaching, and facilitation. They will gain a complete understanding of the concepts and the application capability of Kepner-Tregoe ideas and available tools.

Conducting and Documenting Investigations

The Kepner-Tregoe (KT) approach to conducting and documenting investigations helps ensure compliance with FDA cGMP requirements. It is used in organizations worldwide to improve the quality and speed of completing investigations and satisfying FDA requirements for documentation.

Strategic Decision Making for Leaders
Beijing, CN
18.Nov - 19.Nov 2014
Kuala Lumpur, MY
25.Nov - 26.Nov 2014

Enhance your strategic thinking skills with a systematic framework for evaluating actions against strategic choices, and establishing a strategy for your area of responsibility. Use rational decision making processes to pick your strategic direction through clear objectives and risk assessment.

Calgary, AB, CA
18.Nov - 20.Nov 2014
Calgary, Alberta, CA
09.Jun - 11.Jun 2015

STOs are events that demand exceptional planning and execution. Well executed STOs offer organizations a competitive advantage, whereas poorly executed STOs can cost millions in lost revenue.

KT High Severity Incident Management

KT Incident Management brings higher quality, more consistency, and greater speed to the customer interaction process by improving the underlying quality and consistency of troubleshooting. Our ITIL recognized approach helps you restore service more effectively, while managing risk and communicating confidently under pressure.

Develop your skills in superior High Severity Incident Management and service restoration.

Incident Mapping

Kepner-Tregoe Incident Mapping brings the clarity needed to gain control of major incidents, take the right action, and prevent future incidents by developing a visual map of cause-and-effect relationships and leveraging creative collaboration to finding solutions. 

Problem Solving and Decision Making (eLearning)

This 100% online learning mode is designed to be completely self-paced and individual, and doesn’t necessitate joining a virtual group at a fixed date and time.  In approximately 8 hours of online self-study, KT eLearning builds relevant understanding that can be applied quickly and easily in the workplace.

Implementing Lean

This results-based workshop will help you achieve rapid bottom-line results by accelerating implementation of Lean practices, identifying and eliminating waste, and focusing on value-added activities. Workshops are tailored to Service, Manufacturing & Health industries.

Leadership Development Institute (Train-the-Trainer)
Princeton, NJ, US
09.Nov - 21.Nov 2014
Kuala Lumpur, MY
17.Nov - 28.Nov 2014

Program Leaders are equipped to lead workshops within your organization. These leaders play a critical role in developing and implementing programs that drive sustainability and align the organization for success.