Certification Programs

Certification Programs from Kepner-Tregoe are offered to clients who are then trained to transfer KT process skills to other employees in their organization.  KT “program leaders” become in-house experts in using Kepner-Tregoe’s business techniques to achieve strategic and operational outcomes. KT Facilitators and Coaches help new learners use KT process on the job.

Kepner-Tregoe Program Leader Certification

Kepner-Tregoe Program Leaders (PLs) are certified in one or more Kepner-Tregoe processes by successfully completing the Train-the-Trainer program. Program Leaders are client employees who transfer KT Clear Thinking processes to others within their organization and collaborate with KT and client teams to use these capabilities to achieve strategic and operational outcomes.

PLs are certified to teach specific processes using Kepner-Tregoe materials. Program Leader candidates are selected in consultation with Kepner-Tregoe. Certification is achieved by attending a Kepner-Tregoe “end-user” workshop and Leader Development Institute (LDI) in your chosen process and successfully completing a “first teach,” observed by a Kepner-Tregoe professional.

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Kepner-Tregoe Process Facilitator & Coach Certification

KT Process Facilitators and Coaches (PF & C) are certified to use Kepner-Tregoe processes to resolve business issues. The KT processes are comprised of:

  • Situation Appraisal
  •  Problem Analysis
  •  Decision Analysis
  •  Potential Problem Analysis
  • Potential Opportunity Analysis

Process Facilitators and Coaches, selected in consultation with Kepner-Tregoe, are client employees who become in-house experts in using KT’s techniques on business issues to achieve strategic and operational outcomes.

Learn more about our KT Process Facilitator & Coaching Certification Program.