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Even great troubleshooters run into problems they can't solve. 

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With KT Kaizen, Kepner-Tregoe will bring in highly-skilled problem solvers to guide your team towards identifying root cause of your most challenging issues. Often completed in just one week or less, a KT Kaizen will achieve tangible results through a structured and proven facilitation approach. 

Expert facilitation substantially increases the efficiency and effectiveness of root cause analysis, while gaining support and commitment from all involved. Not only is a problem solved or a decision made, but your troubleshooting team will better understand the KT Root Cause Analysis process. As with all our customers, Kepner-Tregoe ensures the absolute highest level of confidentiality.

When you need KT Kaizen

Contact KT for immediate problem solving support when you have:

  • Equipment and machine failures
  • Sudden or unexplained quality/product defects
  • IT software/hardware or system issues
  • Accident investigations
  • A problem with too many possible causes or that keeps coming back after you have "fixed" it

KT root cause analysis has brought proven results to manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, IT, oil & gas and many other industries where you need to find the cause of problems.

Just a few of the problems solved by Kepner-Tregoe facilitators

  • A healthcare provider at risk of being shut down due to a quality failure in manufacturing
  • A food manufacturer encountered a serious cosmetic flaw in its products valued at £40 million - after 3 months, they were still not able to find root cause
  • A technology provider with failing transition networks replaced several network components, but the problem remained unresolved causing an increased number of outages