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Kepner-Tregoe (KT) Tech Support Services focus on improving troubleshooting, reducing costs, restoring service--all while increasing customer satisfaction. The Kepner-Tregoe troubleshooting methods and strategic approach to service management are used globally by major support organizations. Kepner-Tregoe’s process approach decreases recurring incidents, helping your business increase IT stability by optimizing complete processes.


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Problem Solving & Simulation Improve 
Problem & Change Management

Problem management is a central part of any IT strategy.  ITIL® recognized for our Problem Management approach, Kepner-Tregoe brings consistency and speed to an increasingly complex tech environment. Our root cause analysis process and documentation leads to permanent solutions, improved efficiency, increased quality, and lower costs.

Organizations that have worked with Kepner-Tregoe have achieved the following results:
  • Reduced Mean-Time-To-Resolution by 50%
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction to +90%
  • Improved first-time-fix-rate by 40%
  • Reduced backlog by 60%
  • Streamlined escalations
  • Accelerated productivity of new hires
  • Dramatic improvement in the customer service experience




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Kepner-Tregoe solves operational issues transferring IT service management solutions to client organizations through workshops, training, coaching and consulting.  Heralded as best practices for support organizations, KT Clear Thinking brings higher quality and consistency to troubleshooting, escalations and documentation.

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Global Investment Services Management 

In an increasingly complex technology environment stressed with higher demands from customers and lower budgets, operating efficiently is an everyday requirement.  With decades of experience Kepner-Tregoe helps you build sound problem management strategies.  Through our problem management method, Kepner-Tregoe provides the framework for successful problem management that drives transformational business results through reduced costs and reduced time to close.

Contact us to find out today how Kepner-Tregoe can help your organization with problem management solutions used successfully in support organizations worldwide.