Middle Management, the “Nerve Cells’ of the Enterprise

Middle managers provide the “nerve conduits” that relay messages between the board and the workforce


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Manufacturing Excellence: When Continuous Improvement Falls Short

Kepner-Tregoe (KT) has developed both a philosophy and practical project model to enable organizations to address extraordinary threats and opportunities. This is achieved by moving beyond CI with an intervention that focuses on extraordinary, sustainable change. KT Step Change is a robust three phase model (Diagnose — Implement — Sustain) which guides an organization through assessing the potential for improvement, selecting and scheduling the optimal project mix, and then making sustainable changes to operational practices, processes, procedures and performance expectations.

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Going for Gold: How Top Companies Make High Performance a Daily Discipline

Complimentary webinar materials to share about high performance in Operations.  How to approach daily disciplines with commitment and expertise.

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Legos and KT Clear Thinking

Talented Lego actors who missed being cast in the lego movie star in humorous animations on how sloppy thinking can lead to disastrous results

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Learning does not stop at the classroom door

Training needs to be treated as a process, not as an event. Training cannot finish when the student leaves the classroom.

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Kepner-Tregoe Tools and Process Validation

Controlling process change can be improved, KT methods support three key areas of process validation: planning, installation and qualification

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KT & Six Sigma/Lean: Bringing Speed to Continuous Improvement

New blog post explores how manufacturers accelerate continuous improvement using KT Problem Solving & Decision Making skills, quickly resolving problems that allow teams to focus on pursuing Six Sigma improvements.

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KT Clear Thinking Pt III: What is Rational Thinking?

What is rational thinking? The answer is simple. Watch the latest KT video blog and learn the benefits for your organization.

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James Bond And The High Stakes World of Project Management

007 returns to the screen in the upcoming SPECTRE. In this high stakes epic adventure who would you say is the better project manager, 007 or the agencies of destruction?  

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IT Excellence is in the eye of the customer

Providing excellence in IT service is dependent on many factors, here are six ways to improve your IT services

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