Kepner-Tregoe SEA is proud to be participating in the upcoming HRDF and Trainers' Conference & Exhibition 2017

Come join us at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 28-29 November 2017. We are located at Level 3, West Wing, Booth A10.

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Using Root Cause Analysis to validate recommendations from vendors
Applying root cause analysis techniques consistently can enable you to leverage vendors recommendations. Here are 8 activities that you should perform before accepting a vendor recommendation and implementing it in your organization with confidence.
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Oh Snap! Somebody just broke the Internet!
The recent internet outage provides an opportunity for Level 3 (and other companies observing) to review their service management processes with a critical eye. Implementing better problem-solving processes from Kepner-Tregoe could have helped avoid this outage
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Don’t Wait for BIG Trouble to Review your CAPA Process!
Product problems are scary. When there are quality issues, the process that takes center stage is called CAPA – Corrective Action, Preventative Action. The goal of CAPA is simple – address the immediate situation that occurred (corrective action) and take steps to avoid it happening again (preventative action).
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How automation is enabling modern problem-solving
Automation is a game-changer for modern problem-solving, enabling better visibility to real-time operations and the ability to effectively project the impact of potential solutions into the future. Technology is having a disruptive impact on the way manufacturing and IT are managed. Here are 4 ways that technology and automation are enabling modern-problem solving.
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Root Cause Analysis for my TV remote control

KT’s Berrie Schuurhuis takes us on a troubleshooting journey showing that it’s easy to jump to cause. A personal account of the pitfalls and challenges of root cause analysis.

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TED Talks, Tweets & Eye-Catching Headlines - what they can teach us about modern employee learning styles.
Over the past 20 years there has been a considerable blurring of the lines between the business and personal environments that employees experience. Learning & Development professionals are aware of the social and cultural differences between older and younger generations of employees and the need to modernize companies’ overall strategy for employees.
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An ecosystem approach to problem solving
Most companies approach problem-solving as an isolated activity constrained to their immediate sphere of influence rather than involving ecosystem partners. Here are seven tips that your company can use to successfully utilize an ecosystem approach to solving problems.
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Why Consistent RCA Methods Are Essential for Managing Product Recalls
Successful Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is measured not just by the quality of what is identified and the time required, but also by how efficiently resources are utilized during the RCA process. Troubleshooting a recall can be very complex, but identifying the “actual root cause” is a critical step to formulating effective Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions (CAPA) necessary to fix the underlying problem and re-assure regulators.
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Troubleshooting Skills - The Key to Customer Satisfaction
Most customer engagement situations will have some level of ambiguity, be missing some critical information, require analysis in order to lead to decision-making. This is where troubleshooting skills come in. We identify the key troubleshooting skills to help improve your customer’s satisfaction.
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