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Look Before You Leap

In a given situation there is almost always more to consider than what can be viewed on the surface.  

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Contractor Management, A Systematic Approach to Selecting the Right Contractors

To select the right contractors, systematic decision-making weighs objectives and risks. Explore best practices for initiating good contractor relationships.

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IT Excellence is in the eye of the customer

Providing excellence in IT service is dependent on many factors, here are six ways to improve your IT services

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Happiness is a choice – focus on root cause analysis, it will solve your issues

Happiness and root cause analysis—why systematic thinking is the right choice for fast, efficient IT problem solving

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High, High, High - My team's priority list for the day

Your department has competing priorities that all appear very important and could send your team into overload quickly. What to tackle first?

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The Case for an IT Maturity Assessment

There has been a lot of discussion about the true value of the standard type of maturity assessment. A good assessment will give you a base line to measure future improvements.

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Where on the mountain do you start your projects?

Lewis and Clark expedition and your next project—lessons in taking the right project approach.

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A Journey from Manufacturing to Service Provision

From manufacturing to IT service excellence—Asia struggles to advance ITSM to meet global demands

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Chuck Kepner 1922 - 2016

With sadness we’ve learned of the passing of one of our founders, Chuck Kepner.

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Fighting Entropy While Climbing the Project Management Mountain

How many projects have inspired true certainty about the expected result only to fall victim to forces that drastically alter the outcome or delivery date. Here are 4 great tips to manage large projects toward excellent conclusions. 

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