Clear Thinking for a Complex World

Thinking: the last true competitive advantage

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage has never been more difficult. Whether companies are investing in technology, M&A, global expansion or new products, the resulting set of critical issues, complex decisions and daunting risks will challenge and pressure even the best organizations and leaders. So companies spend billions each year to train and develop the leaders required to do it all better, cheaper and faster than the competition.

But are you truly developing your organization’s capabilities to think through these far more complex, unpredictable business challenges where past experience is of limited value?

Are you confident in your organization’s ability to apply its best thinking to a new strategic or operational challenge? Will your teams and leaders think collaboratively, across functions and borders, towards shared enterprise goals keeping the customer top of mind? 

Or will your competition get there first?

Building the Thinking Organization

No matter how great the challenge, the main factor that will allow your organization to thrive is whether it can think clearly, especially when the pressure is on. Thinking Organizations have teams and leaders that can communicate effectively across silos and time zones. Thinking Organizations can solve critical problems and make crucial decisions with speed and accuracy. Thinking Organizations have people who know how and when to use their analytical minds, when to rely on experience and how to do it as a team.

Let us show you what your Thinking Organization might look like:

It’s about effectiveness and efficiency.

At Kepner-Tregoe, we know how to build Thinking Organizations. For over 50 years, the KT Clear Thinking processes have allowed thousands of companies to resolve issues more effectively and efficiently. When employees at all levels of a company follow the same thinking and issue resolution processes, the results are powerful: increased quality, improved efficiency, and lower costs.

What we know becomes what you know.

KT Clear Thinking solutions are systematic and human, giving your people the confidence to perform under pressure. Ultimately, we focus on building your organization’s capability so that future opportunities and problems can be addressed rapidly.

Our processes become your capital. We’ll transfer skills and capability that translate into rapid problem resolution, smart planning, calculated decision making, and ongoing management effectiveness. We can disappear and the lessons remain.

What would your Thinking Organization look like? We are happy to show you...